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3 best marketing trends for 2020

Marketing is evolving at impressive speed. Every year we meet new trends, tools and updated resources. The web and technology have greatly influenced the development of marketing. We have chosen our top 3 favorite marketing trends for 2020, so you have an idea Read more about 3 best marketing trends for 2020[…]

Servicio al cliente en tiendas de ropa

Customer service: 4 mistakes to avoid in clothing stores

Customer service is crucial in all businesses, regardless of whether it is large or small. We know the basic practices such as being kind and polite, offering our products, smiling, thanking for a purchase, etc. But good customer service goes beyond just being friendly; the experience that our client will Read more about Customer service: 4 mistakes to avoid in clothing stores[…]

redes sociales para negocios

Social media for business - Avoid these three mistakes

Social media for businesses are a great tool to connect with our target audience and potential customers. However, we must bear in mind that the misuse of them can cause us negative effects on the image and reputation of the company. From social channels, to advertising channels We met the first social networks.. Read more about Social media for business - Avoid these three mistakes[…]

público objetivo

Target audience = better optimization

Why should I define a specific target audience if my product is consumed by everyone? 🤔This is a question we constantly ask ourselves and it is common to make the mistake of wanting to reach everyone, causing the effectiveness of the strategy to be diluted and finally not relevant to anyone. Let's say Read more about Target audience = better optimization[…]

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