Customer service: 4 mistakes to avoid in clothing stores

servicio al cliente en tiendas de ropa

Customer service is crucial in all businesses, regardless of whether it is large or small. We all know the basic practices such as being kind and polite, offering our products, smiling, thanking for a purchase, etc. But good customer service goes beyond just being friendly; The experience that our client takes with our product or service is key to fostering a good long-term image with our target audience. target audience.

Customer service in clothing stores

Clothing stores are a clear example of the importance of customer service. When was the last time you entered a store to look for a piece of clothing? How was your experience? Do you remember any particular detail (smells, music, lighting, etc. that made you uncomfortable?

Small details make a big difference; a very true quote that can be applied in this topic. By applying small details that seem to be unnoticed, we can achieve very positive effects on our client's emotions and ensure a good experience. These are some mistakes that can cause a bad shopping experience for the customer.

4 mistakes that affect customer experience

  1. No saludar: Este paso parece muy básico, pero es muy importante. No hay nada más molesto que entrar a una tienda y que parezca que no existimos. Un simple «buenos días» o «bienvenido» puede hacer la diferencia y marca la pauta para que el cliente se sienta comodo y en confianza en su proceso de compra.
  2. Unpleasant music: We can't guess the musical tastes of all our customers, but ambient music can help us make our store more enjoyable. Having inappropriate or loud music can be uncomfortable.
  3. Slow payment process: Make sure your employees are well trained to be efficient with the payment process. It's a mistake to have the customer waiting to finalize their purchase. Try to avoid delays that may disappoint the customer.
  4. Little lighting: choose the correct lighting in the product exhibition areas to highlight its qualities to the fullest. Entering a dark store creates discomfort. You can also replace traditional lights such as classic halogen and metal halide with LED lighting, which is much more sustainable and produces less heat.

Remember, the customer's experience before, during and after visiting your store is a valuable marketing tool that we need to take advantage of.

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