Social media for business - Avoid these three mistakes

Social media for business are a great tool to connect with our target audience and potential customers. However, we must bear in mind that the misuse of them can affect negatively in the company's image and reputation.

From social channels, to advertising channels

We met the first social networks about ten years ago as leisure platforms. We spent hours connecting with our acquaintances, sharing content, uploading photos and interacting with the community.

Relatively a few years ago, they also became very effective advertising channels. More and more companies are joining social media in order to connect with their customers and communicate their products or services.

Hoy en día es bastante importante tener presencia en el Internet y las redes sociales para negocos forman parte de la imagen. Son una herramienta muy efectiva para llegar a clientes potenciales.

However, sometimes we make mistakes that may seem insignificant but that in the medium or long term can have a negative effect on the image of our business.

3 mistakes to avoid if you manage your company's soocial media

  • Manage you company's profile as your personal profile
    La página de tu empresa y tu perfil personal debes manejarlo como dos cuentas aparte. Así mismo, cuando abras la página de tu marca, asegúrate que sea un perfil comercial, no uno personal.

  • Share a lot of memes
    It's clear that memes cause interaction and are full of insights that help us get a connection with the community. They are a tool that can be used as long as it is in moderation and are correctly applied to the brand's concept. Abusing them can be counterproductive.

  • Answer disrespectfully
    We've all had to deal with angry customers, but we have to avoid taking complaints and comments personally. That often causes us to answer very abruptly or disrespectfully. We must always have an answer for everything and watch the tone with which we talk to users.

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