Target audience = better optimization

Why should I define a specific target audience if my product is consumed by everyone? 🤔
This is a question we constantly ask ourselves and it is common to make the mistake of wanting to reach everyone, causing the effectiveness of the strategy to be diluted and finally not relevant to anyone. Let's say

Let's say we own an ice cream restaurant, our first thought is that we want everyone to consume our product, children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, etc. Sure, the whole family can enjoy a refreshing ice cream on a summer afternoon or to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. With the variety of flavors, colors and toppings, our options are almost endless. However, the fact that our product offers a wide variety of options, doesn't mean that our advertising message should be designed the same way.
That is why we must give a personality to our brand and in this way define the tone and type of messages that we will transmit to our customers.

Continuing with our ice cream restaurant, suppose our product is organic and prepared only with vegetable milks (almonds, oatmeal, soy, etc.), meaning that it is a lactose free product. The place is located in an exclusive area of the city and its facilities are modern. The product will surely attract the attention and will be consumed by many people of different ages, genders and socioeconomic status, but there will always be a predominant group.
With this information we can begin to define that our target audience can be people between 25-40 years, socioeconomic level AB and who care about their health. With a little more detailed information about our company and product, we could define things like the type of work they have, their customs, if they exercise, if they like the party, etc. And with this we would be able to define a buyer persona, but that's a topic for another day. 😅


  1. Reduce costs - Focusing our strategy on the right target helps us optimize the budget of our campaign, since it will not be necessary to perform so many trial / error tests to study the reaction of the audience to our product.
  2. Optimize time - In-depth analysis of the target audience can take a long time, especially if we have extensive information.
  3. Definir lenguaje – Al conocer mejor a nuestro consumidor, se nos facilita ofrecerle un servicio o producto acorde a su perfil o sus necesidades. También nos ayudará a definir los canales adecuados para transmitir nuestro mensaje.
  4. Engagement - With a strategy and message defined correctly, we can create a link with our consumers and generate greater interest and loyalty towards the brand.
  5. Discover new market niches - By having our target defined, we can discover and access other market niches that we previously did not know or did not take into account, and that may be interested in our product.

If you need help defining your target audience and better optimizing your ads, do not hesitate to contact us!

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